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**A month or two later (you never keep track [Neither do I…] so you don’t even bother.)**
You walked into your bathroom to take a shower. You got undressed and were about to turn the water on, when a set of familiar arms wrapped around your waist. You gasped. “Dei-Deidara?”
“Yup, un.”
“Wh-What are you doing?”
“I’m making a move, un. I heard you complaining about it to Konan, un.” You blushed and felt his growing erection poking your lower back. You gasped again. Then you decided to have some fun. You turned around and pulled off his shirt to reveal his perfect body. You made sure to run your fingers over ever little bump and crevice. You made your way down to the hem of his pants. You unbuttoned and unzipped them, taking them down with his boxers, letting his member free. You were surprised at the size of him then grabbed it and started pumping. He moaned at your touch and bucked into your hands. You felt him grow harder and ready to cum. Before he came, you let go. He groaned.
You took the head and put it in your mouth. He moaned loudly, his hands finding your (h/l) (h/c) hair. You looked up at him. He had his eye closed and head tilted back. You licked around the tip then took more of him in. He bucked his hips and pushed you farther down. You felt like you were going to gag, but you didn’t. You started bobbing your head back and forth. He moaned very loudly. You came back to his tip and lick the slit, tasting the pre-cum. He then came in your mouth and you gladly swallowed.
He gently lifted you up and kissed you. You kissed back and his tongue slid across your mouth for entrance. You smirked and kept your mouth closed. He growled and moved down your neck. Attacking it with kisses, looking for your soft spot. You moaned when he found it. You could feel him smirk against your skin and then bite into it. You moaned louder. He lapped up the blood and traveled lower. He took your left breast in his mouth and massaged your right one. You moaned and took his ponytail down, enlacing your fingers in his hair. He switched and gave the other one the same treatment. His free hand traveled down to your crotch. It grew wetter with every touch he made. He released your breast, making you groan. Then without warning, he shoved a finger in you.
You gasped at the pain. He started pumping in and out of you. The pain subsided, well until he inserted another digit. And another. When you were about to release, he took his fingers out. You whined. Then he shoved his tongue in. That muscle of his was amazing. You could feel him stroking your walls and pumping in and out of you. You released right into his mouth. He stood up and licked his lips mischievously. You looked at him with your lust covered eyes. You didn’t want to play around anymore and he could tell. He grabbed your hand, walked out into your room, threw you onto the bed (gently of course), walked over and locked the door then crawled on top of you. He thrusted into you and you threw your head back in pain. This was your first time and him being Deidara, he never asked. When he noticed how much pain you were in, he looked down then looked back at your face horrified. “I’m sorry, un! I didn’t know, un! I thought you had-”
“Shut up and start moving.” He looked at you confused. “Yes, I’m still in pain, but if you start moving, it will probably go away faster.” He started thrusting in and out of you. You grabbed onto his shoulders. Soon enough, the pain subsided. “F-Faster. Harder. Please.” He nodded. He laid down so you were on top. He grabbed your hips and started pounding into you. You put your hands on his chest. “Deidara! Right there! Again!” You yelled as he hit that bundle of nerves that triples the pleasure. He pounded into you and hit that spot over and over again. Finally you came and not much longer he released deep inside of you. With the last of his strength, he pulled you off him and laid you next to him. You put your head on his chest. “What time is it?”
“Nine, un.” You paused for a minute.
“In the morning?”
“Yeah. Why, un?” You sat up.
“We have a meeting today at noon. Come on. Let’s take a shower.” You walked into the bathroom and took a shower with him.

**Two months later**
“________, you’ve been coming here every day for the last month and a half. I think I would know what’s wrong.”
“Well I’m not pregnant. I would know if I was.”
“When was the last time you had your period?”
“Well I skipped last month’s, but I’ll be having it soon.”
“You asked me for a ham sandwich with peanut butter, chocolate syrup, and tuna. Try explaining that one.”
“I eat weird things all the time.”
“You’re getting fatter.”
“Fuck you.”
“Just go into that bathroom, take the test and come back.”
“Fine.”  You walked into the bathroom and looked at the box in your hands. “I’m not pregnant.” You took the test and walked out. After a few long, agonizing minutes, she finally looked at you.
“Positive, but I can give you a doctor test to see if you are or not. These are wrong sometimes.”
“No. I’ll believe it.”
“Oh, so you believe a test, but not the person that gave it to you?”
“Yup.” You walked out. How am I going to tell Deidara? And what will Pein think? I mean, I’m sure Konan will tell him and he’ll probably make me get an abortion. You looked down at your stomach. But I don’t want an abortion. I want to have it. Whatever it is. You walked to Deidara’s room. “Deidara.” He looked at you. He was sitting on his bed, playing with clay.
“Yeah, un?” You took in a deep breath.
“I’m pregnant.” He looked at you surprised, smiled widely, jumped up, ran over, hugged you and spun you around.
“That’s great, un!” You smiled and hugged his neck.
“I was afraid you wouldn’t want it.”
“Of course I do, un!”
“What should we name it?”
“How about Isamu if it’s a boy, un?”
“Ok. How about Misaki for a girl?”
“That’s a great name, un” He kissed you gently.
“You guys really want it, don’t you?” Sasori asked, looking up at you guys from his latest creation.
“Well yeah, un.”
“Yeah.” He turned back to his work.
“Too bad Pein won’t let you keep it.”
“Did you really think I’d let a child into the Akatsuki?” Pein spoke from the doorway.
“Konan told you, didn’t she?”
“Yup. You’ll be-”
“I’m not getting an abortion.”
“Why not?”
“Because I want it. I would protect it with my life. I don’t care what you say. If I have to, I’ll leave.”
“Well as I was saying. You’ll be getting checkups with Konan once a month for two months then once a week.”
“Wait, you’re going to let me keep it?!”
“Yes.” ‘
“Thank you!” You hugged him.
“Ok. Let go.”  You let go of him. Deidara then hugged your waist.
“Thank you Leader-Sama, un.”
“Just be ready for them to start training as soon as they’re four. And it should be ready to start going on missions by the time they’re fourteen.”
“Fine, but any missions they go on, one of us is going with them. Got it?”
“Fine.” And with that, he left.
Ahhhhhh! First lemon! :squee: I really hope you guys like it!
Naruto: Masashi Kishimoto
You: Deidara :heart:
Part One:…
Part Two: You are here!
Part Three:…
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